The Monkees - Just Us back together after 25 years

The Monkees - Just Us back together after 25 years



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A video celebration of the Monkees' first new album in 25 years, "Justus." Includes music videos of the songs "You and I," "Circle Sky," "Regional Girl," "Admiral Mike" and "Oh, What a Night.", The Monkees: Michael Nesmith (vocals, guitar); Peter Tork (vocals, keyboards, bass); Micky Dolenz (vocals, drums); David Jones (vocals, percussion).Recorded at NRG Studios, North Hollywood, California between June and August 1996.As the final reunion album from the Monkees -- and the first one featuring Mike Nesmith, who produced the record -- Justus isn't bad. Nesmith occasionally steers the group toward country-rock, but the record is largely comprised of nondescript pop/rock that is neither remarkable nor unpleasant. Frequently, the Monkees show their age with strained vocals, but Justus is far from the disaster of Pool It!, and it may stir warm, nostalgic memories from many long-term fans. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine