Who We Are

We are not your typical “Mom and Pop” CD and Record store! We buy and sell new and used music – and lots of it. Our Family business has flourished through the years to become one of the most well known used music stores on Long Island. When looking for hard to find music at inexpensive prices, we are the place to go.

Our Customers

Word of mouth has been our best form of advertisement. We have customers from all over the world. Our customers consist of the everyday Joe, the fanatic music collectors, the merchants from overseas and the DJs that won’t share their secret find with others, afraid of the competition. Our customers are like our merchandise, vast and plentiful!

Our History

This is the story of how Mr. Cheapo CD & Record Exchange came to be:

Back in 1981 I was a garage sale junkie and became obsessed with the sea of albums piled high for the taking. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country- so much music and so many in perfect condition, on sale for pennies.

Being a music fanatic, I would buy bins and bins of albums for my own satisfaction. When it hit me, a music store of my own would be a dream come true. I then began searching thrift shops and flea Markets for “Grade-A” records. The music kept piling up until I had no more room for storage. It was time to begin the dream!

My wife’s favorite word for me since the honeymoon was CHEAPO! I couldn’t think of a more appropriate name for a record store. So thanks to my loving wife, Mr. Cheapo grew to become one of the most well known names on Long Island. I opened up my first store in Flushing Queens. About a year later, Newsday rated us the second best used record store in Long Island. We were doing so well, it was time to expand. The Mineola store opened two years later and still resides today. Four years later when we left Flushing, The Commack store came to be.

Our locations may have changed through the years, but our old customers still remain. To this day, we still see the familiar faces that made Mr. Cheapo the success that it is today!

Our Merchandise

It started with records, but the times have changed and so have we. We now carry vast amounts of tapes, CDs, blu-rays, laser discs, DVDs, posters, music books, and display material. We carry all types of music for all types of people. We guarantee everything we sell to work perfectly, if it’s not perfect we want to know! From that rare Beatles CD to the latest in Pop music, we have it all!

What We Buy

We buy it all, no amount is too big or too little. We pay cash right on the spot and give even more in store credit! We buy new & used CD's, DVDs, BLURAYs, RECORDS, TURNTABLES, VIDEOS GAMES.  We search high and low, all over the world for the best prices available so we can provide you with the same.

We Sell...