Robert Frank The Complete Film Works: Vol. 2

Robert Frank The Complete Film Works: Vol. 2



Publication Date 2008-10-30
Language English
Publisher Steidl Druckerei und Verlag, Gerhard
Additional Details
Number of Volumes 1 vol.
Width 5.2 In.
Length 7.5 In.

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Robert Franks significant contribution to photography in the mid-twentieth century is unquestionable. His book, The Americans, is arguably the most important American photography publication of the post-World War II period, and his photography has spawned numerous disciples, as well as a rich critical literature. However, at the very moment Frank achieved the status of a star at the end of the 1950s, he abandoned traditional still photography to become a filmmaker. He eventually returned to photography in the 1970s, but Frank, as a filmmaker, has remained a well-kept secret for almost four decades. Robert Frank The Complete Film Works fills a long overdue gap by presenting every one of Frank's more than 25 films and videos, some of them classics of the New American Cinema of the 1950s and 1960s.