Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers



Format: CD
Release Year: 1994
Record Label: Interscope (USA)
Genre: Grunge, Rock & Pop

Condition: Very Good


$4.00 /Each.
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1. Waiting for the Miracle
2. Shitlist [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
3. Moon Over Greene County [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
4. Rock N Roll Nigger [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
5. Sweet Jane
6. You Belong to Me [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
7. The (Explicit)] Trembler [Soundtrack Version
8. Burn [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
9. Route 666 [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
10. Totally Hot [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
11. Back in Baby's Arms [Single Version]
12. Taboo [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
13. Sex Is Violent [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
14. History (Repeats Itself) [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
15. Something I Can Never Have [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
16. I Will Take You Home [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
17. Drums a Go-Go [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
18. Hungry Ants [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
19. The (Explicit)] Day the Niggaz Took Over [Soundtrack Version
20. Born Bad [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
21. Fall of the Rebel Angels [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
22. Forkboy [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
23. Batonga in Batongaville [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]
24. A (Explicit)] Warm Place [Soundtrack Version
25. Mohammed, Char, Yaar [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)] Allah
26. The (Explicit)] Future [Soundtrack Version
27. What Would U Do? [Soundtrack Version (Explicit)]

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