Dementium II

Dementium II

Nintendo DS
Tech Details
ESRB Descriptor Blood and Gore, Violence
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2010



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In Dementium II, Nintendo DS gamers become trapped in the most horrid reaches of their own imaginations. The sequel to developer Renegade Kid's 2007 handheld survival-horror game returns players to the first-person role of the unfortunate William Redmoor, who appears to have just undergone brain surgery at the Bright Dawn Treatment Centre. William awakes to find that he is alone, in a macabre prison populated by violent zombies, tortured lunatics, and indescribably grotesque monstrosities of bloody flesh and sinew. Or is he?

In a flash, the setting seems to change; sterile hospital corridors take the place of blood-spattered walls, and undead enemies are revealed to be well-meaning sanitarium orderlies and security guards. Such unsettling shifts move the player's perceptions from an eerily reassuring hospital setting to the hellish surroundings of an industrial dungeon, seeding defensive unease and moral uncertainty throughout the adventure.

The play of the game involves exploration and puzzle-solving, as well as combat using both firearms and melee weapons. New weapons, such as the sledgehammer, have been made available since the first game, and players can now hold the flashlight with one hand while wielding a small weapon in the other. Featuring prominent themes of violence and gore, the "M"-rated Dementium II is intended only for the bravest of grown-up gamers.