The place to go for vinyl. The staff, selection, prices are all great. Two easy locations. What one store doesn't have the other store one has. A place for all ages.  Bill Dee December 20, 2019

Great browsing. I always come away with something I didn’t know I was looking for. Richard Riis  September 23, 2019

Best record store on LI, hands down!! Jessica McPartland  July 11, 2019

floor to ceiling! huge selection of vinyl, cd's, DVD's. great store with friendly staff Kerry Cleary July 10, 2019

Great people, great store! Love thumbing through the used CDs and vinyl lps. Have seen some awesome concerts courtesy of these guys. They share their perks with their customers. If you don't patronize one of their two great locations, you SHOULD! There aren't too many old school record stores around! Victoria Bick Bixby Nuttall April 3,

What's not to like about Mr. Cheapos ? Endless racks of new and used Vinyl Lp's, Cd's and Dvd's at great prices combined with a knowledgeable, personable staff . Very supportive of the local music scene partnering with local music venues including the Paramount ,The Space and the Westbury Music Fair in ticket giveaways of which i have been a happy recipient of on more than one occasion.There is a reason they have been a mainstay in commack for over 30 plus years as they satisfy all your music needs . 5 stars ★★★★★ Alan Banville  December 13, 2018

At 55 years old, I lost my collection , how is NOT important, but.....MR Cheapo was there to pick me up.  AWESOME service, atmosphere, and Holy Crap the collection!! Thank you sirs for your service to this world that's gone digital. Jennifer Mongogna-Craig Oct. 17 2017

Best stores on Long Island for LP's & any other recorded music  David Fredericks May -19-17

Unbelievable little shop, huge variety of used vinyl and prices a fraction of other record shops closer to the city. Can't wait to go to the Commack store! George Gregoriou Sept. 8, 2016

I have been shopping at Mr Cheapo's in Commack for many years. I recently moved closer to the Mineola location and I love that one as well! It's always a treasure hunt, I never know what I'll leave with Kristen Misner July 22 2016 

I frequent both locations. More so, the Commack store. Both stores are shrines to the the world of recorded music. These are real record stores, with a clear emphasis on a passion for music and a desire to share the love of music with others, at reasonable and often ludicrously cheap prices! The selection ranges from old to new, including a decent amount of obscure stuff, and covers many different genres. Beyond records and cds, they also sell posters (at low prices), dvds and video tapes, video games, old music magazines and books, and plenty of brand new music in addition to all the used stuff. The staff have always been low pressure and friendly and patient, and reasonable with returns and exchanges. Mr. Cheapo's allows the customer to fully embrace the classic paradigm of the record store shopping and browsing experience. Jason Berk July 2016

My home away from home.. Hassle free browsing.. Just a great store! 

Shorty Le Felin Ciboulettes Dec.10 2015


Been coming here for years and I always love browsing there enormous selection of vinyls!

Domenico Paolo November 25 2015



The ONLY place to buy used cds videos books & games. Been shopping here since the 80s.

David S. Kapp October 18

Simply the best place for selection, service and most of all great people....Bob Nizza October 14

Analog Heaven Prices aren't bad at all. ‪#‎lp‬ ‪#‎record‬ ‪#‎longplay‬ ‪#‎vinyl‬  John Brian Silverio May 24 2014


Just in there today, picked up some amazing finds! So happy my girlfriend found this place! i now have a regular record store to shop at!!! Alex Matthew‎ February 16 2014

It was like I was in 4th grade again, getting my first AM radio with an earplug; which meant I could hide under the covers read comics, etc. and listen to “music”. Something that was an unknown entity, existing only on my parents radio during our occasional horrendous ~ long ass drive ~ family vacations to Maine or upstate New York. I don’t think we got a “regular” TV until 1974 or so. Up until then the TV repair guy would show up (seemed like weekly) to check and replace “blown” tubes. But……. back then when you pressed play, everything worked. Magically, scratchy, jaded in presentation as it might have been, it worked. Then the “industry” got informed and developed “replacement” technology. The purposeful out dating of format or components, creating planned absolution. We went from 8 tracks, to cassettes, to cd’s, and now to MP3’s, ITUNES in a very short period of time. Representing massive change in the way we listen to and purchase the music we “OWN”. But it was the late 90’s, I didn’t give a crap, was sold on the latest tech gadget and ran to the nearest Apple Store to purchase my first Ipod. I was stoked. At first I loved it. Then reality set in. I recently had a terrible issue with this major music retail outlet. After being unable to “correctly” answer security questions that I had set at the insemination of my account in 2009, I was unable to retrieve over $300.00 of music from them. Simply because they couldn’t change my password; did they want a DNA sample from me? There was NOTHING they could do for me. Hence, my conclusion ~ You only own your music when you OWN it. So, I created changed. The other day I stomped out my Nano in the street returning to the days of old, going back to a simplistic CD player and a (multiple choice ~ non prioritized MP3 player) for me. Sometimes turning the clock back an hour or two isn’t such a bad thing. I have found peace and a love for music that I never would have listened to before; simply because I now patronize an actually brick and mortar CD STORE. I no longer indiscriminately order overpriced individual songs in my underwear on ITUNES at 2:00 AM. There is nothing like visiting an actual brick and mortar Music Store where knowledgeable people interact with you in a “cool” way and actually appreciate your business. The place of my choice is Mr Cheapo, 2020 Jericho Toke, Mineola, NY. Great guys, really knowledgeable, and unbelievably helpful. No attitude B.S. here. They have been there over 30 years and have a HUGE selection at great prices. There are even bargain bins with really good stuff for $2.99…. That’s $2.99..!!! You can barely buy a soda for $2.99 today. Never ever allow yourself to be enslaved by a “prioritized” system that doesn’t allow you to own your must precious treasure, music. James Cozza August 25  "My First Ipod"



I love Mr. Cheapo CD and Record Exchange, thanks for my cd.. · Emanuel Kj Preston 9/19/13



This is a great store. There's wall to wall records, CDs and cassettes to purchase. The records and cassettes are for purist and old school music people. You can probably find almost anything you are looking for or might like here. Diana Q. 3/4/2013



My daily drive by or patronage at mr cheapos is one that I liken to direct contact and sad reminiscence of a species entering the latter stages of extinction by the hands of corporate iTunes and pirate media wrath. It's a reminder of times that passed less than a decade ago before The Machine as I call it began to make marketing a tangible album more difficult and begun to bring all the impishly mediocre and downright terrible "artists" to the mainstream that our ears are blessed with today, and left the hard working and talented musicians behind to eat the scraps. Mr cheapos is one of the last, and endured even after tower records and the legendary slipped disc fell under. Lets keep them around for the long run Thomas C. 4/22/2013



Growing up, this was THE place to get music in Nassau County. They fostered my love of music for years. I found so many great albums that I still own to this day at Cheapo's. I'm glad they're still going strong. For my money, it's the east coast baby brother of Amoeba Records (Paramecium...?) Lowell Greenblatt June 23 2013



MR. CHEAPO IS THE BEST. Whenever I need a movie, Cheapo's it is. Why? Not only am I getting a good deal, BUT the simple fact is that many of the movies I'd like to get don't exist at Best Buy anymore because they don't make them. Try finding an older title like "Patriot Games" or something in a Best Buy store..non existent. Mr. Cheapo always has a great selection of stuff to choose from. What a great feel for the store too. Just one thing....NO COOKIES! Tim Moen June 23 2013



Knowledgeable, friendly and entertaining staff. great place to fulfill al my vinyl needs. Andrew Mineroff June 23 2013



At the Peter Paul and Mary(in spirit) show soooo awsome loving it very peaceful vibes some protest songs activism love love love and puff the dragon thanks so much for the tickets you guys are groovy thank-you.Tom Mantello June 14 2013


Just picked up some good reggae vinyls! Great store! Marc Castelli May 11 2013 



So I just went for a first-time visit to Mr. Cheapos...I love it!! I'm so glad that Long Island still has a record store with a huge variety of music! Shelley Ourian February 21 2013



Thank you for helping me out with the Snow Storm. A local merchant who helps the community - Thanks David Haft February 10 2013


Cheapo has great selection at cool prices. Jerry Miller January 29 2013 



Recently found a fabulous collection of sixties folk music, plus an autographed double CD by Janis Ian at fab prices.



Hurry down to Mr. Cheapo's before it is too late, and check back every week or so, cause he keeps getting stufff in. Raymond Carrol January 28 2013



Whooopppeee!!! The best store ever Andrea LaMont December 26, 2012



Loving Mr.Cheapos Jaysa Morales November 25, 2012 



This store is amazing truly a home away from home for my son and i staff is very cool and super knowledgeable about music and movies if you cant find it here then they can more than likely order it for you-bottom line------CHEAPOS ROCKS!!!!!!! Kevin Cahill August 15, 2012



Been comming here for years, the best in town!!!Paul Cama August 15, 2012



I really love browsing and buying at Mr. Cheapos. Now that my son is older (15 and a superb singer in his own right) , we are even more able bond over the music of all periods--he's in a "CSNY stage" now and it's been a pleasure to introduce him to that corner of the musical sky. I'm glad there's a place that can help me feed him this good stuff. We've been picking up dozens of dvds over the years, too. They almost always have something wonderful to add to our collection. Eight years of movie nights, now that's what I'm talkin about!Martin Moshe Bear September 6, 2012



I love mr cheapos they have a great deal of albums even 45s for those who remember the disk with a hole in the middle kinda like a donut lol Mike ButtonoMay 31, 2012


Have been going to Mr. Cheapo since they were in Queens. Great fun celebrating Record Store Day. Thanks guys.Peter Zee April 21, 2012


Great time with these guys today. I never leave there without something cool.Susan Marchese Zee April 21, 2012


Mr Cheapo is the first place to go on Long Island for records outside of NYC's Kim's, Generation Records, & Bleeker Bob's.  They have a few rarities and will buy your old records. 
My music collecting musician husband told me a story about checking out at Mr Cheapo's which makes me crack up.  Apparently one of the clerks pretended he was on a public address system and said loudly, "Beep-boo-bop-boo-beep (as if it was some kind of address system sound).  Mr Cheapo's will be closing in 5 minutes.  Please bring your selections to the front."  He did this a few times until the store was fully closed Marlo G. Hoboken, NJ 9/5/2011 


So very thankful to my father for introducing me to the wonderful world of Mr. Cheapo when I was an impressionable teenager.  45s are sold here, so if you have a jukebox that takes 45s (like my father's) or you are a collector, Mr. Cheapo has such a great selection that you're bound to find what you are looking for, and then some. EricaLynn J. 6/26/2008



Love this shop! Lots of cool used cds, vinyl, 45s, dvds, cassettes, etc... So far I have found some great finds here and the people who work here have always been helpful and cool to talk to.  Definitely check this place out! Also, the prices are pretty great.Karen P.Manhattan, NY 2/29/2012



The cheapest best selection of vinyl i have found yet with air conditioning! Viva la vinyl! C L. Atlanta, GA 7/4/2008